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Aj cathy nguyen dating

He later was imprisoned again on “bum rap” where he remains until now, 2016.

In September 2007, Aren was on parole, residing with Tia Torres on a rural property in Agua Dulce, California.

Sometime after the ruling, Tia Torres husband entered into plea negotiations. Defendant withdraw plea of not guilty and entered pleas of no contest. Jackson was held at Costa Mesa Jail on grand theft auto, violating parole, and felony evasion, and attempted murder. was threatened with life due to California’s three strikes law, but his current sentence is under 16 years. His wife Tia is still fighting to prove that her husband is not guilty and the whole thing was an unfair judgment.

Just to clarify, Tia Torres’ husband, isn’t in jail for life. AJ who began to relax under the effect of the dogs, came up with the thought of sharing them with other parolees.

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Torres owned the truck the man at a gas station was driving. Aren Marcus Jackson of Laguna Niguel and Brian Thomas Greco of Arcadia were arrested in October, 1993 after allegedly stealing a Porsche. Monday, deputies stopped a pickup truck with a camper shell pushing a Volkswagen.

She was trying to find the owner of a certain dog so they could release that dog to her.On a September morning his parole agent Larry Dorsey accompanied a few Los Angeles County deputy sheriffs to perform a parole search of the residence.Based on evidence recovered, Tia Torres husband was charged with 11 felonies, including second degree burglary of a vehicle, unlawful taking of a vehicle, receiving stolen property, grand theft and other.Parole agents had been to Tia Torres husband’s property numerous times, to search or just check in. In August 2007, a Los Angeles County detective contacted Agent Dorsey saying he suspected A. was involved in an auto burglary in the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys in June 2007.Personal property was stolen from the car, and someone attempted to use one of the stolen credit cards at a gas station. Aren and Tia argue that the warrantless search was arbitrary, capricious and harassing.

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The property the couple lived in included multiple-acre land, their home, a trailer (where other parolees often lived), kennels for pitbulls and other rescue dogs.

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