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Books on teenage dating violence

And yet, across cultural groups, adolescent girls hold more flexible and liberal attitudes than boys about the rights and roles of women.

White adolescent girls who hold traditional attitudes toward women's roles tend to have lower self-esteem than do girls who hold more liberal views.

"What Can I Do to Make Myself More Confident in Sports?

'' Age 17 Many aspects of girls' self-perceptions and mental health do not decline during adolescence; on most measures, the variations among girls are much larger than the differences between girls and boys.

Girls' self-concepts of ability and self-esteem vary significantly across domains and ethnic groups.

Competence beliefs for both girls and boys are related to the gender stereotyping of the activity.

Important sources of resistance to and liberation from negative cultural messages for adolescent girls include the following: a strong ethnic identity, close connections to family, learning positive messages about oneself, trusting oneself as a source of knowledge, speaking one's mind, participation in athletics, non-traditional sex typing, feminist ideas, and assertive female role models.

Research Agenda: Gender Across adolescent girls' group status (ethnic and racial, sexual orientation, socioeconomic, and religious), how do gender-related biological, psychological, and cultural factors interact during adolescence?

Approximately 18.5 million adolescent girls, ages 10 to 18 years, were living in the United States at the last census in 1990.

The authors set out to assemble and review the psychology and related research and literature for the past 10 years, with special attention to strengths, challenges, and choices within the contexts of girls' lives.

Challenged to consider and move beyond an exploration of girls' psychological losses and to focus on those aspects of relationship and culture that support and engage girls-as well as girls' collective attempts to resist the negative impact of the media and other powerful, societal forces-the authors attempted to answer questions such as the following: In developing this book, the authors focused on several cross-cutting themes: strengths, development, ethnicity, class, risks, resilience, and research implications.

The lives of these girls are complex, affected by their gender, race, ethnicity, class, differing abilities, and sexual orientation.

Only by examining each of these complicated layers can the rich diversity of the lives of adolescent girls be understood. " Age 14 Gender is a psychological and cultural term that refers to the meanings attached to being female or male in a particular culture.

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