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Dating royal crown cola bottles

The first known glass bottles were produced about 1500 B. This began the inexpensive, large-scale production of glass bottles. They were formed by shaping molten glass around a form made of sand and clay. Because the process was time-consuming and complex, bottles were expensive and were considered luxury items. The Romans adopted this method and it spread throughout Europe. In 1903 Michael Owens revolutionized the industry with his invention of the Owens Bottle Machine.By 1929 he had invented "Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda". The Tennessee Brewing Co became The Tennessee Beverage Co during Prohibition (1920-1933).They sold non-alcoholic Goldcrest beer and another non-alcoholic drink named NIB, which were "cereal beverages".It was a major producer of Ale, Beer, Cider, and Soda Water in a 5 story building at 202 Front Street. Although the product was "short-lived, it's surprising how many folks still remember this beverage - especially the name. In 1924 Charles Little of Chattanooga creates "Marvel Cola" which will become Double Cola.In 1933 he perfects his cola recipe and names it Double Cola because its 12 ounce bottle is twice the size of other sodas at the time.At his next job, he invented a drink he named "Howdy".This time when he moved on, he took "Howdy" with him. By 1940, 7 Up had become the 3rd most popular and best-selling drink in the world.

It's the oldest of the major brand soft drinks in America.

Coca Cola kept at it, and Gay Ola won a 2nd time but had to re-design their bottles. The next year Fooks purchased a small soft drink bottling operation and a year later, another company nearby. After a couple of years of testing, he achieved the taste he was looking for. In 1898 he changed the name to Pepsi-Cola and by 1902 had founded the Pepsi-Cola Co. But a major decline began in 1958 and the drink seemed to vanish after 1950.

The next year Fooks traveled to Chicago and purchased the copyrighted name of "Grapette" from the Sunset Liquor Company. As demand for the drink gew, Bradham decided it was time to offer Pepsi Cola in bottles. However the Domincan Republic continued to bottle it and the brand had now been revived.

a different type of glass bottle was being made in China, Persia, as well as in Egypt - made by blowing molten glass into a mold. The bottle-making process first became automated in 1865 with the introduction of a pressing and blowing machine. Hutchinson patented the "Hutchinson stopper" a replacement for the commonly used cork stoppers.

Mold Blowing gave way to the less expensive method of Press-molding.

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Memphis Bottling Companies began sprouting up all over the city.