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[progress_bar progress=”100%” color=”#904470″ marker_title=”Trailer at 97%” marker_pos=”100%”] The ‘How on earth did Sayako get her cock’ Freebie contest winner is…. The ‘Guess What Tara’s Saying’ Freebie contest winner is…. Released: July 21st 2013 A girl meets a dick girl and sparks fly.

A wild yet intimate ride of two girls connecting in ways that puts a new exciting twist to their friendship.

The Sex Player features include: pause/ play, loop angle, loop position, slow motion/ speed up, jump to scene, extra, make your own movie (playlist) and the positions include standing missionary (pussy), overhead blow job, amazon (pussy), anal surprise and hand stand (anal), Tara/ Sayako masterbating, 360 camera, really huge tits, ahegao, no balls futa, 3d vision (anaglyphic), xray, nude walk and vascular cock. More details on The Dickgirl Collection includes: The ultimate Affect3D collection for the 3DX fan.

Get the first four sets from Affect3D featuring Ayako, Sayako and Tara including the just released Girlfriends 4 Ever!

Plus ‘Ayako – the Blowjob’ the original as a bonus. My final post here on the Girlfriends 4 Ever page, which has felt like a bit of a home for the last few months.

A little bit of Affect3D history in the making that will be remembered with mixed emotions now, but fondly once the dust has settled.

Fast forward to the trailer, a month had become two during which I completed the outro scene leading up to the vote. Long story short coordinating the pieces and fix renders took far, far longer than I had planned and by the time it was done, I had somewhat overstepped on the material I actually wanted to show.

During all this time I had the trailer sitting in the wings, as I’d completed it before even releasing the teaser.

We expected similar traffic to the trailer release, which our servers could have handled, but with over three times as much traffic and a heavy app like our store, our server was yet again pinned to the ground. But I love you 😀 The good news is, G4E is now available in store and once the initial waves of traffic abate a little we’ll actually get to thoroughly enjoy it… 😀 I’ve been inundated with emails and I’m trying to get through them. Since there’s no specific release time, we’re going to be easing into the G4E experience.Tara’s second Assignment features Sayako’s and Tara’s very first loving encounter 😀 The Dickgirl Collection includes: For those who want it all chose the Affect3D collection, which includes all past work.Big apologies about the one day delay and ongoing server issues the site’s been experiencing.just taking tooo long to write and want to get the post out today) [/toggle] It’s ready and it’s up. The free DLC (for G4E owners) is currently in development and will incorporate some of your feedback. I’m now looking for extremely talented individuals who can help shape something unique, something that defies the norm in porn and creates something which grabs people’s attention and capture their imagination… whichever comes first 😀 shoot me an email if you’re interested: [email protected] project work, decent compensated. Working on it, will publish it as soon as it’s ready. It’s been crazy fun and crazy wild all at the same time 😀 Huge thanks again to Supro, Alpensepp, Uthstar01, Fan3D, Frefred5150 and Tiaz some of whom worked shifts of 14 hours to keep things afloat. With all that some emails fell through the cracks and some of you had to wait far too long for download links. It wasn’t a well tuned process rather something we improvised off the cuff. or change the permissions yourself using this guide: Open a terminal (CMD Space to open Spotlight, type TER and press ENTER to open the terminal) Use the cd command to navigate to the folder that contains the “file”, if you unfamiliar with navigation on the console with cd, browse to your G4E folder in Finder CTRL Click on the and copy the directory info from the “General” tab’s “Where” field (probably looks like /Users//) Type cd on the commandline and paste the previously copied info, press ENTER Make sure you are in the right directory by either typing the “ls” command and see if you can find the start.app, or enter “open .“ ( notice the whitespace and the dot ) Enter “chmod -R 777 start.app” without the quotes a slightly more restrictive 755 seems to work as well.Or just change the permissions of the Flash Player: “chmod a x start.app/Contents/Mac OS/Flash\ Player” (again without quotes) In general: Always enter your commands on the console without the quotes, whitespaces and order of arguments are usually important, so make sure you get them right, press enter to have the command executed.

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So I got it out in time just before you guys forced me to show sex scenes, haha, cause I knew that the trailer contained plenty of them.