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We’ve found a few favorites to keep the entertainment going during the evening hours before crawling into our sleeping bags for the night: Glow In The Dark Fidget Spinner, Glow In The Dark Body Paint and Glow In The Dark Party Sticks.

A quick note of caution, clear the camping area of any tripping hazards before the kids begin to run around in the dark with these fun glow-in-the-dark activities.

we call it a “digital detox” and it is good for the ENTIRE family.

Knowing how to plan a successful camping trip is key.

Those precious times around the campfire where we do not have to think about everyday stress – paying the bills, cleaning the house, and running with kids – are times to treasure with people we care about.

It’s an easy way to relax, reflect, and reconnect with the people and world around you.

One of the most popular bags for little girls is the Ladybug Sleeping Bag and boys love the Moose Sleeping Bag.

& There is nothing worse than fun camping activities being spoiled by cranky kids that did not get enough sleep.& Campfires are such a big part of the camping experience, including activities for meal prep and cooking.So, make mealtime part of the fun adventure; let the kids participate in preparing the campsite and food at whatever level is age appropriate.The culinary creations only kids can make are outrageous!They will love recipes like ‘Snake on a Stick’ and ‘Dirty Marshmallows’ from The Scout’s Campfire Cookbook For Kids!

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with LED flashing lights, this toy is so fun it will actually draw spectators from nearby campsites!

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