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In short, there is something going on between this two! Yoon Wonited (Yoona and Siwon) This perfect couple forever and ever Yoon Wonited love Yoon Won Yoona love siwon Siwon love yoona Simba love deer Deer love simba! I love this couple They are perfect couple ever, hi My lovely couple 1st Love (Taemin & Naeun) 1st love couple forever! He says he wants honest woman, she says she's honest.

I doubt Minho called for the show because at the beginning of that conversation even SUlli was telling Mminho that ..Oh this is the best among the best because they are real I've already watched their videos in youtube and one of the video is in amzing f (x) minho called sulli and for the guy whos has a hectic schedule call a girl I think minho have a special feelings for sulli because if he hadnt he didn't call sulli because it is wasting of his time and they have their own style to make their fans giggling ohh like I feel minsul is the best because they're real... He says she wants scented candles, she says she's happy to receive scented candle gifts from RSR.

I believe that there is something between those two.

Anyone can feel the way how I feel now if only you guys would try to open your hearts and mind for this couple.

What I love about that is that there was no outward reaction from the two and even from the people around them.. May be because they've seen it happen before that's why it was a given... Choco Honeys (EXO's Luhan & A Pink's Chorong) They are the cutest and adorable couple that you will ever love! Luhan is my ultimate bias in EXO, and never did I think of shipping him with any girl (except me laugh out loud) but then I realized he looks so good together with Apink's Chorong.. It's December 2016 and I'm still shipping them ^^Love Choco Honeys! I still can not forget this couple···they bring us the feeling of love.

If you noticed at the end of that show, it was never clear why Minho actually called... Their interviews from late last year to the recent ones always matches.

That's what true fans are to not judge and discourage our idols. Out of all the kpop-couples videos I have watched made by fans, Baekmi videos stand out the most to me for some reason. Sehun match only with hayoung this is a reality *-* they look amazing together my Oh's maknae Yoong EXO (Yoona & EXO) LOVE YOONGEXO. And they can have witty, beautiful and evil babies together and live happily ever after! Heechul also shared with other guess abt Donghae got bored playing with Heechul hair so he called Jessica and invited her to play them. Chang Seo (Changmin - Seohyun) The best Maknae Couple!

It is they choice not force them to be with someone they don't want to be with not like some fans that think that their idol should be with another idol. My friend, Baekhyun's fangirl was shocked and can't accept the fact. When I watch Baekmi videos, I feel baekhyun give out most sincerely feeling especially during Dream Concert he was searching for her, bomi. 😅i like it all time baekhyun see bomi💏💑🙌 Se Young (Sehun & Hayoung) I hope they join we got marrie S OR made special stage together! Sehun oppa said to Hayoung you love she or Hayoung! You can really feel there's something between the two of them during their moments. PLUS they're REALLY close to each other which is why you ALWAYS see them together. The jangshin couple and smart couple They're so cute.

Their friendship is unique they're unique it doesn't matter what we think it's they're choice if they want friendship or something more. I'm very happy and just ignore when she said about that fake news. Bake My Day is always loyal we never lose hope for Baek Mi so we deserve to win this! Love Yoong EXO (Specially Lu Yoon) She's really friendly with them Musketeers (Kyuhyun and Yoona) Close Friends Friendly and supportive shippers is equal to Perfection. And the way Kyuhyun and Yoona saw a Kyu Na banner in SMTown Indonesia made us fans already happy. And same as Dara., And that is define what is DESTINY and FATE is! So, I hope they will be a real couple who's naturally together We trust to our kyuyoung!

We as their loving and loyal fans all we have to do is love, support, trust, encourage, and respect our idols. I really love Baek Mi so much because they have similarities! We didn't believe in illusions but we know that Kyuhyun and Yoona are friends. :) We applers maybe the most controversial and such. This couple is real because they don't need to show what they have ON CAM They have a lot of couple stuff. They're born to be together Knight (Kyuhyun & Sooyoung) These two are seriously meant to be with each other. Ice Fishies (Donghae & Jessica) I Like this couple, because I think this couple it's very natural. They're too perfect :---)There are many moments about them. Hope Hae Sica will comeback I've seen the interaction between these two in young street where Heechul hosted as dj. Heechul was like aware of this ship where he teased them being charmed to each other.

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We Pyros have strayed away from that path every once in a while, but ultimately, we really do try to return.

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