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Infidelity in dating

National surveys estimate that sexual infidelity hovers around 21-23% for men and 15-19% for women.

When emotional affairs or inappropriate physical contact is involved, those totals can increase by 10-15 % for men and women (22,25,32).

Cheating also encompasses a spectrum of behaviors, and every couple has different definitions for what cheating really entails.

(And for the record, open relationships, or sex outside of an otherwise monogamous relationship with the consent of both partners, is not cheating — by definition, cheating involves lying.) Chlipala suspects that the number of people who cheat might actually be growing because of these flimsy definitions.

Some authors maintain that unfaithfulness occurs in marriages at a rate of over 50%.

Many controlled studies estimate that somewhere between 20-40% of married couples will experience infidelity (11,19).

It's part of life." Whether this is statistical commentary or an excuse for his actions, it does bring up an interesting question: How common Cheating might feel like it's everywhere, but experts have a hard time pinpointing exactly how many people cheat, because (duh) nobody wants to be honest and own up to the fact that they do it.

"The general belief is that if a person is lying to their partner, why wouldn't they also lie to a researcher?

Men, managers and executives, southerners, occupants of large cities, African Americans and those who have had a number of prior sexual partners also seem to be more prone to infidelity (25, 36).

This is most likely due to their seeking professional help.

Approximately only 10% of individuals who have affairs together ever marry each other.

Trends Infidelity is reported to be the most common cause of divorce behind incompatibility, alcohol abuse, drug problems and growing apart emotionally (5).

Approximately 17-20% of all divorces in the United States are caused by infidelity (15).

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So, whether or not cheating is actually a "part of life" for everyone, it's pretty clear that the statistics aren't quite there to back up that claim.

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