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I'm on hormones, so all tokens i get from my broadcast helps alot in my hormones treatment/meds...Thus, the plain difference between legality and morality must be arranged in its proper order.And Donohue did a phenomenal job in marking this emphasis during his heated interview with Hewitt.Natural law is (and , if that matters) much more expansive than the positive, or human-made legislative, law.Thomas Aquinas wrote that “human laws do not by strict command prohibit every vicious action, just as they do not command every virtuous action.” This means that we enjoy many more legal rights than moral rights—which itself means that true liberty requires non-legislated self-restraint. by saying repeatedly and unequivocally that he seeks “self-censorship” and not legislative censorship.

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Donohue felt the sting of popular opprobrium most sharply about his statement’s suggestion that “it is too bad that [‘s editor, Stephan Charbonier] didn’t understand the role he played in his own tragic death.” Within 36 hours of both the Islamic mass-murder and the ensuing statement Donohue released, he defended his invocation for more publishers’ self-restraint on neoconservative Hugh Hewitt’s syndicated call-in radio program and on Fox News’ For the record, Donohue from the very outset stipulated his position that “killing in response to insult, no matter how gross, must be unequivocally condemned.” Donohue’s distinction did not appear subsequent to the statement, as a sort of cowardly “walk back,” but rather simultaneous to it.