Sambasivan kathaprasangam online dating

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Sambasivan kathaprasangam online dating

Pliny the Elder (23–79 AD) mentions Greek ships anchored at Muziris and Nelcynda.

There was also a land route over the Western Ghats.

Likewise at Male, where the pepper grows, and in the farming community of Kalliana (Kalliankal at Nillackal) there is also a bishop consecrated in Persia in accordance with the Nicea sunnahadose of 325 AD." The Nestorian Patriarch Jesujabus, who died in 660 AD, mentions Kollam in his letter to Simon, Metropolitan of Persia.

The port at Kollam, then known as Quilon, was founded in 825 by the Nestorian Christians Mar Sabor and Mar Proth with sanction from Ayyanadikal Thiruvadikal, the king of the independent Venad or State of Quilon, a feudatory under the Chera kingdom.

The name Kollam is believed to have been derived from the Sanskrit word Kollam, meaning pepper.

As the ancient city of Quilon, Kollam was a flourishing port during the Chera dynasty (c.

The city hosts the administrative offices of Kollam district and is a prominent trading city for the state.There was also internal trade through the Punalur Pass connecting the ancient town to Tamil Nadu.The overland trade in pepper by bullock cart and the trade over the waterways connecting Allepey and Cochin established trade linkages that enabled it to grow into one of the earliest Indian industrial townships.3rd century BC–12th century), and later became the capital of the independent Venad or Kingdom of Quilon on its foundation in c. Kollam was considered one of the four early entrepots in global sea trade during the 13th century, along with Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt, the Chinese city of Quanzhou, and Malacca in the Malaysian archipelago Along with Pattanam (Muziris), Quilon was an ancient seaport on the Malabar Coast of India from the early centuries before the Christian era.The city had a high commercial reputation from the days of the Phoenicians and Ancient Romans.

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Desinganadu's rajas exchanged embassies with Chinese rulers while there was a flourishing Chinese settlement at Kollam.

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