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Delaware occupies the northeastern portion of the Delmarva Peninsula.It is the second smallest and sixth least populous state, but the sixth most densely populated.The definition of the northern boundary of the state is unusual.Most of the boundary between Delaware and Pennsylvania was originally defined by an arc extending 12 miles (19.3 km) from the cupola of the courthouse in the city of New Castle.

From north to south, they are New Castle County, Kent County, and Sussex County.

), making it the second-smallest state in the United States after Rhode Island.

Delaware is bounded to the north by Pennsylvania; to the east by the Delaware River, Delaware Bay, New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean; and to the west and south by Maryland.

It was initially colonized by Dutch traders at Zwaanendael, near the present town of Lewes, in 1631.

Delaware was one of the 13 colonies participating in the American Revolution.

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Delaware is on a level plain, with the lowest mean elevation of any state in the nation.