Tantric sex online

Posted by / 04-Feb-2017 18:56

Pacing ourselves has major benefits; for men it increases longevity and for women it piques arousal.

Tantric sex is best when the clock doesn’t need to be watched.

It really is quite easy and once applied leads to more fulfilling sex life as well as continued spiritual transformation.

With tantric sex, or spiritual sex, the focus is on the energy exchanged between one spiritual being and another.

When we keep our eyes open and locked on another person, we can instantly feel the connection deepen.

It is challenging to allow ourselves to be fully seen.

Have you ever noticed how communication texts discuss the topic of eye contact when speaking and listening to another?

The same principle applies during physical intimacy.

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The body is merely the conduit.“Tantra is the original spiritual science first taught in India more than 7000 years ago.