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The site offers three different travel options: the "generous" member can invite the "attractive" member to visit him/her the "generous" member's home city; the "generous" member can visit the "attractive" member in his/her home town; the "generous" member can ask the "attractive" member to accompany him/her to an agreed destination.

If the new pair ends up traveling, the "generous" member must pay for all of their dates travel expenses.

“You stick together most of the day and sometimes need to solve problems during traveling, so that will for sure keep an invisible bond between those two people,” Gasser said. With more than 1.7 million registered members, Travbuddy is one of the fastest growing social-networking sites that connect travel buddies.

The dating website for travel enthusiasts, Trip2Date, also specializes in bringing together travelers looking for love. Trav Buddy doesn't market itself as a place to find romance, but a quick search shows plenty of postings that suggest more than platonic partners.

Like other dating websites, Trip2Date also allows you to post your personal profile to be reviewed by hundreds of interested singles that are looking for travel partners. There's always been an appetite for solo travelers trying to find travel companions,” Robert Reid, Lonely Planet's U. “You can go to cities with higher single-to-married ratios. For example, in the site's “recently entered travel plans” section one members post reads: “Looking for females to meet up in Majorca, Palma…Staying at the Ghills hotel, get in touch and hookup J.” Once you create a profile you can post details about your upcoming trips to see if other members are from the area or would like to join you and become your travel companion.

An entire page is dedicated to success stories and testimonials on the benefits of meeting new travel buddies.

When it comes time to playing cupid, there are many websites who want a piece of the action.

Yet, dating sites have traditionally been mostly limited to dates -- falling short of taking the complicated step of traveling together. A new breed of website is evolving that's matching up travelers looking for a buddy --someone to take that bike tour through Italy, for example --but may be open for a little romance as well.

“However, they can also be a good place to meet other travelers who may be looking to split costs or just have a buddy to chat with and get to know while seeing the world,” he added.From the street parties to the immense Sambadrome parade, this is something not to be missed.Discover a corner of South America that's been off the tourist map for years.Without sacrificing your comfort, this fascinating Colombian adventure will take you to coffee plantations to taste where your morning cup of joe comes from, then on to to Medellin for some big-city bustle. Colombia is an underrated country for travelers, but with our safe, social and budget-friendly group trips, we want to change that.After all, theres so much culture and beauty to this region that it would be a shame to let it go unexplored plus you can say you got here before everyone else. Hope your happiness muscles are in peak condition because this epic 23-day combo tour of Europe is going to leave you feeling like life is good.

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I did not expect to meet such a lovely person.”Tour Bar very carefully verifies its users, which means that we are able to provide you with a much safer international dating site experience.

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