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Typo nz online dating

Typo is probably the best place to get quirky greeting cards as well - I really like those that are hilariously insulting.

Although packed during the December holidays because of its promotions, Typo is an affordable and fashionable place I’d visit for all my stationery needs nevertheless.

Another thing I love about Typo are their hilarious gift cards that you are definitely not going to find anywhere else.The minute I set my eyes on the delightfully quaint and quirky stationery and canvas paintings, my heart was sold. Typo's products are like the brainchild of a hipster, arty-farty teenager, who loves owl pens and notebooks with mugshots of a pug on the cover with a simple statement of: Pug Life (pardon the pun) emblazoned on the front.The prices of these products range from ok-ish to outrageously overpriced.One example of an overpriced item would be the headphones shaped in the form of animal ears, which they retail for around !Other than that, the notebook designs are very pretty and amusing.

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I have had a few notebook-buying splurges where I ended up not using nearly 70% of the notebooks I purchased. The Parkway Parade outlet has a sale for 4 A-4 spiral notebooks for $15 and the A-3 sized notebooks (which were slightly thicker) were 3 for $15 as well.