Updating a mid century modern home everyone lies online dating

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Updating a mid century modern home

“The Sylvan Highlands area has a lot of desirable mid-century ranch style homes and the area is predicted to increase in value because of how desirable the style of homes are,” said Alissa Pulcrano, principal of bright designlab.

“You can still buy unrenovated homes and modernize them while maintaining the mid-century architecture.” Which is just what bright designlab and Hammer & Hand did for this Sylvan Highlands home.

Inside the curbless shower, a tiled ledge offers space for shampoo and soap while staying true to the minimalist aesthetic of the design.

Some of the most important updates aren’t visible to the naked eye, however.

“It was a classic example of collaboration between the designer, the homeowner, and Hammer & Hand,” said H&H Project Manager Alex Daisley.

In addition to the kitchen, H&H and bright designlab updated two bathrooms and a powder room.

The 1/2 bath powder room received fresh paint, tile, and new vanity.

We always try to get them to step outside of their comfort zone a little bit.” The resulting design was one that fit with the clients’ desire for a clean, modern look while shaking things up with adjusted floor plans in the bathroom and kitchen for a better use of space.

The kitchen remained structurally the same, but with a lot of improvements.

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A new kitchen island, built by Big Branch Woodworking, features a polished white concrete countertop from Cement Elegance.

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