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When LP Examiners speak of minimum numbers of matching Galton details required to effect an identification, they are really speaking of self-imposed or agency QA guidelines.LP Examiners do NOT just count points and LP Examiners need to understand and be able to explain the ACE-V process.Remember: Successful strategies are usually developed as a result of strategic thinking, not as a result of formal planning processes. Strategy is not about plans but about insights into how to create value; the process of developing insights should not be confused with planning, which is about turning insights into action.Often, companies fail to distinguish between the purpose of a business (why the business exists) and constraints (what the business must do in order to survive).Level 1 detail may include information enabling orientation, core and delta location, and distinction of finger versus palm.

"Oh, my mind, please grant me the serenity to know what input is controllable, and what is not.

When the outcome of a decision depends on our course of action, then we must consider all actions, one by one.

This is to bring about a desirable change in some other aspect of our action.

– the cyclical procedure of comparison between two friction ridge impressions to effect a decision, i.e., made by the same friction skin, not made by the same friction skin, or insufficient detail to form a conclusive decision.

Even though each latent print can have a different Quality (clarity) and Quantity of Level 1, 2 and 3 details...

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we use Level 3 all the time, even when it carries relatively little weight in the decision process because of a large quantity of Level 2 details... Some individual examiners may have a self-imposed 8-point rule, etc...